Reliable Miami Lawyer Protects Client Interests in Property Transactions

Experienced Florida attorney handles all aspects of residential real estate deals

Buying or selling a home is a complex transaction that can raise a wide array of legal issues. At 78 and Sunny Legal in Miami, our attorney represents clients throughout South Florida in residential real estate matters and knows how to identify and resolve issues that could affect your sale or purchase. Our attorney understands how important it is for these transactions to go smoothly and will work closely with you to ensure the process is efficient and effective. Whether you need a sales contract reviewed, a title search performed or representation at closing, our attorney will give you the support you need to complete the sales and purchase process.

Knowledgeable advocate assists with home sales

Consulting with an experienced Florida attorney can help you avoid unnecessary problems during the home sale process. Our attorney knows how to check and verify key concerns, including the physical boundaries of the property, what fixtures come with the home and whether an easement would impact your enjoyment, among others. Problems with an inspection or a defective title can completely derail a sale, and our firm’s lawyer can let you know your rights in these circumstances.

Dedicated law firm drafts and reviews residential real estate contracts

The purchase and sale contract is the center of every home sale and outlines the rights and obligations of both parties. Specifically, it governs what is transferred in the sale, lists any encumbrances on the property, states who pays what costs and names where closing will occur. An experienced attorney will review a proposed contract for possible legal issues, and if drafting the agreement, include language that safeguards your investment. Our attorney has reviewed and drafted many sales contracts and will ensure your agreement is valid and enforceable.

Determined counselor performs title searches and clearing services

Clear title is necessary to legally transfer ownership of a property. A defective title, when an additional party has an ownership claim, may go undetected and lead to expensive legal disputes. Our attorney will perform thorough title searches and help clear any issues so your sale can go through unimpeded.

Responsive lawyer represents clients at real estate closings

Closing is the last opportunity to discover and correct any issues associated with a real estate sale. An adept attorney can verify many key points, including whether lender closing instructions were followed, funds were properly dispersed or the transfer was correctly recorded, as well as explain the purpose and function of each document. Our attorney knows closing is more than a perfunctory meeting and will take the time to verify your sale is proper and correct.

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