• Will, Trust or ...?

    What do you really need to keep your family out of conflict if something were to happen to you.  We'll cover the 3 biggest fears most people have when it comes to estate planning.

  • Don't Fail Your Loved Ones

    Even if you’ve created a plan, it may not work when your family needs it. See exactly why most plans fail and how you can put in place one that won't.

  • What it Costs to Do it Right

    Most people wonder what estate planning would cost and whether they even need an estate plan.  We guide you to know what the right plan should cost, and also describe our estate planning process so you know your options.

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    Matthew Schulze

    Matthew Schulze is a graduate of The University of Miami School of Law. He has had a passion for helping young families protect their futures and has made it a mission not to let them fail prey to a legal system that doesn’t always protect their best interests. Matthew is prepared to assist clients with all their Estate Planning and Family Protection needs. He strives for excellence in all business relationships and has the perseverance necessary to achieve client satisfaction. Let Matthew protect your family’s life, legacy and property.